Stained Teeth? Make Them Whiter!

There can be a variety of reasons why your teeth may be stained teeth. Some of these causes are preventable, but some are actually beyond your control. You may have stained teeth due to:

  • Drinking dark beverages, such as tea, coffee, wine, and sodas;
  • Tobacco use (smoking cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco);
  • A natural genetic disposition; or,
  • The use of certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline

If you want to maintain a bright smile, it is important that you avoid excessive dark beverage drinking, and avoid smoking at all costs. However, even if you are a multiple cup-per-day coffee drinker or a smoker, you can still get that white, bright smile with teeth whitening.

The wide demand of teeth whitening dental service and products, has led to many dental clinics offering teeth bleaching services. However, dental clinics are not the only ones that benefited (and continue to benefit) from this wide demand – even whitening spas.  Besides the services is the availability of various over-the-counter whitening products, like age-defying chewing gum, white strips, leave-in trays, paint-on gels, mouth wash and brightening toothpaste. Many are not aware, however, that, if taken too far, teeth bleaching may cause serious damage to gums and teeth. It can result to teeth erosion and nerve damage which may cause pain, a feeling of mild itchiness to burning gums and/or acute sensitivity to air and/or sound.

Besides weakening the teeth and making them more prone to decay and more yellowish than white, over-bleaching can also destroy the teeth’s protective enamel, which never grows back. When too damaged, it will require the use of veneers or crowns to repair one’s teeth. These are the reasons why teeth whitening services should only be entrusted to skilled and licensed dentists and hygienists, while the use of whitening products, only according to said experts’ instructions.

According to Babylon Dentists, a beautiful, white smile may be attained through the following options:

  • Whitening for Life. Dingy and stained teeth are not only unattractive; these can keep you from wanting to show your smile too. Whitening toothpastes usually are not enough to make a noticeable difference too. Through this “Whitening for Life” technique, however, your teeth can be 4-6 shades whiter, for brighter and more beautiful smiles.
  • ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening. This is an in-office teeth whitening service to whiten teeth up to 8 shades lighter. This pretty simple and painless procedure is great for patients who want to get rid of their yellow, stained teeth in a quick way. You can even schedule your tooth whitening appointment during your lunch break and have your teeth whitened in about one hour!
  • EZ White Pro. This is also an in-office treatment that whitens teeth by up to 8 shades whiter in as little as 30 minutes. This whitening technique is recommended for those patients who struggle with teeth sensitivity. Best of all, it “works in a flash,” delivering immediate results. This is also the perfect solution for those who are looking for a long-lasting whitening treatment without any painful side effects.



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