Auto Accident Due to Driving Errors

Two basic, yet very important, requirements when driving an automobile are complete focus on the road and observance of traffic rules. Though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) identifies drunk-driving, overspeeding, reckless driving and cell phone use, while behind the wheel, as the top four causes of auto accidents, there is another continuously puts other drivers’ and pedestrians’ lives in danger: driver error.

A few kinds of errors that drivers usually commit include:

  • Failure to observe traffic signals
  • Failure to keep their vehicle in good driving condition
  • Failure to adjust their driving to inclement weather
  • Making turns at fast speeds.

There are also many other errors that drivers are guilty of committing, like taking sudden lane changes without first checking for incoming vehicles, failure to yield, right-of-way violations, improper overtaking, allowing themselves to be distracted, tailgating or driving too closely behind another vehicle (the effect of this can be worse if the vehicle a person would tailgate is an 18-wheeler truck), and so forth.

The consequences of a driving accident are damage to property and (sometimes) physical injuries, the severity of which depends on the sizes of the vehicles involved and their respective speeds prior to collision. A collision usually occurs at intersections and its causes are very often due to one driver trying to beat the red light or failing to use traffic signals, thus, misleading other motorists regarding the direction he/she intends to drive his/her vehicle to.

For driver error to be a cause of road accidents is quite surprising due to the fact that, prior to earning a driver’s license, applicant drivers are required to attend a driving school, given a driving manual and asked to know its contents and required to pass written tests and an actual driving test. Having gone through all these, a driver does not any excuse, therefore, in failing to observe road traffic safety. And, since errors usually happen due to negligence, the law requires liable parties to compensate innocent victims for the present and future damages these will suffer from

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